• Patricia Rae

Starting a new website!

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

It's been fun... but I owe much gratitude to my generous friends and family, for it was a collaborative effort. No one has ever accomplished anything alone. Whether it's physical, mental or emotional support, we all need to rely on our tribes at certain points in our lives, to take a seed from thought to action. This kind of monumental task requires the collective energy of many souls. I leaned immensely on the courage and the strength of my partner Matteo who took my page to the next level with his skills as a director and designer, the editing expertise of my talented daughter Sage, who collaborated on the photos displayed on my site, and mostly with the clear intention, purpose and focus of my reiki master and guru Jaclyn, for without her guidance, support and encouragement I would never have embarked on this healing journey. At times I felt the task of mounting a new healing business was monumental, and overwhelming. And in those moments of darkness and doubt, I looked inward towards my inner light to guide me through doubt and despair, trusting there was a greater purpose for me; Taking the steps, to accomplish this vision, asking for guidance, accepting the help that was being offered, and never wavering from my goal. It takes courage, strength, and surrender to heal, yourself and others. But anything and everything is possible, with Faith. So when you find yourself at a crossroads with a new possibility presenting itself, look inwards for guidance and strength, for the answers will illuminate your way. Namaste. Let the healing begin!


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