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Healing Rae

Reiki | Yoga | Healing

My Philosophy

As humans we need to be still in our thoughts, to allow the body to process emotion. We are constantly barraged with information, translating into sensory overload, that causes stress in our lives. Healing isn’t something you find time for— you must make time… for it is a necessary component to a healthy life. 

As a healer I aim to create  stillness with my clients, healing one heart at a time.

Let the healing begin. 


Patricia Rae

Energy Healer & Wellness Practitioner

Patricia has been a dedicated yoga practitioner for the past 25 years. The physical and spiritual aspects of the practice have served her immensely both as an artist and a healer. Wanting to share her enthusiasm for yoga, she expanded her personal practice off the mat and into a class setting, to become a certified yoga instructor. 


After teaching the rigorous style of Ashtanga Yoga, she started to adapt the more strenuous postures, modifying poses, making them accessible to students who were new to yoga, injured, or physically incapable. Encountering students with back issues lead her to study Yoga for Scoliosis and Back Care, with renowned expert Elise Browning Miller


With a broadened understanding of spinal alignment, Patricia has developed a holistic approach, incorporating restorative yoga poses that enhance flexibility, align the spine and relieve stress. 


Answering the calling to expand on the principals of holistic wellness, and hands on healing, Patricia sought out the teachings of the gifted healer, Reiki Master Jaclyn Kalkhurst to became a certified Holy Fire II/ Usui Reiki Master, and now offers Reiki healing, as an essential part of her personalized wellness programs. 


Why Reiki?

Elevate your vibration with Reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. Administered from practitioner to patient, either through the use of “laying hands” or beaming life force energy (Ki), Reiki connects you back to universal energy. 


"All beings are made up of energy. When that energy (prana/ki) becomes stagnant or diminished, it opens the door to opportunistic illness. Receiving Reiki helps raise the levels of this life force energy, creating balance within the emotional and physical body, enhancing your spirit." — Patricia Rae


What is Restorative Yoga?

Create wellness in your body with Restorative Yoga; A sequencing of relaxing therapeutic postures, that often uses props such as straps, blocks and bolsters, to maximize healing. Personalized in home sessions, will help you release layers of tension, improve flexibility, and activate your immune system, to encourage your body to restore itself back to balance. 



“When I first met Patricia, I suffered from lower back pain and a complete lack of flexibility. Through her compassionate guidance, and a combination of yoga and reiki healing, I  gained strength, flexibility, and profound peace.”

~Tamara Honey, Interior Designer



Personalized In Home Yoga Session

Patricia’s compassionate approach to wellness, combined with her knowledge of yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, and the use of custom blended therapeutic oils, make for a nurturing and powerful blend of holistic healing, that will leave you feeling blissful, balanced and yourself, again. 

A Reiki session with Patricia is a powerful, spiritual, healing experience. Think of it as a massage for the soul. With the use of Reiki energy, Patricia will be able to align your Chakras, activate and expand your energy field, diminish emotional and physical pain, release negative energy, while restoring a sense of balance and tranquility. 

Reiki Healings

Crystal Healings

Amplify the healing process with the use of strategical placed crystals chosen specifically for your session, to stimulate sluggish chakras (energy centers), further enhance healing, reduce emotional anxiety, stress, and inhibit ailments.

Pricing and Packages 
  • Prices range according to added services.

  • Option to combine healing services.

  • Packages available for discounted rates. 

  • Please contact Patricia for pricing details.

Contact Info

Service Areas

Los Feliz, Silverlake, Echo Park


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